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자연경관/공원 Donnaeko Resort (돈내코)

114, Donnaeko-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do View map

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Parking facilities
Available (100-150 cars)


This resort boasts fine views of magnificent Hallasan Mountain with its clean and ice-cold water. These waters, deep valleys, waterfalls and the thick evergreen forest create beautiful scenery. If you walk 20min from the "Donnaeko Recreational Area," at the entrance you can see the Wonang Pokpo Waterfall (5m high) and a small pond. The walkway that follows the valley is just the place for a relaxing forest experience.

Both sides of the "Donnaeko Recreational Area" are covered with dense green forest, and the forest is crowded with cymbidium orchids (Orchids that grow in the evergreen forest on the south part of Jejudo Island, 70~900m above sea level, unique orchids to the island that blossom from December to January). Winter strawberries also grow here.

The peak season of this beautiful valley is Baekjung Day (Lunar Calendar: June 15th). On Baekjung Day in Jeju-do, there is a tradition of eating chicken and being splashed with water. This is because there is a saying that you can recover from neuralgia after showering under the cascading water. So many people gather and celebrate on Baekjung Day. The name 'Donnaekko' came about because there are many boars here. But since the 1920's, no boars have been seen.

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Admission Fees Free
Available Facilities Ayeongjang, fitness center, etc.
Restrooms Available
Parking Fees Free
Facilities for the Handicapped Restrooms for people with disabilities