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    Meet the ruling party, private kindergarten organization ... "We will also meet Han Yu."

    ◀ Anchor ▶

    In addition to the ruling party, the Democratic Party has held a meeting with kindergarten organizations to deal with the bill to eradicate Kindergartens.

    There are also several kindergarten groups. Today, we met with the second largest group, and decided to push ahead with the 'Kindergarten Banquet', which is the largest and most opposed to the bill.

    I am Park Sohee.

    ◀ report ▶

    In addition, the Democratic Party's special committee on strengthening the publicity of kindergartens and nursery schools held a meeting with the kindergarten directors of the National Private Kindergarten Association in the National Assembly today.

    [In-Soon Nam / Chairperson of Democratic Party Kindergarten Publicity Special Committee]
    "The round-table conference was part of a series of ongoing system improvements and hearings on the kindergarten reform plan.

    At a private meeting held about an hour ago, the company announced that it would be in favor of the introduction of EduPain, a national accounting management system, and participation in the first school as a recruitment system.

    However, it is reported that the government has expressed concern that the government is in such a hurry and that the kindergartens have enough opinions.

    The National Association of Private Kindergartens is the second largest private kindergarten organization in Korea with over 1,100 kindergartens.

    The Democratic Party plans to hold a meeting with the largest group, the Korea Kindergarten Association.

    'Han Yoo-gun' said that the bill submitted to the National Assembly now violates private property.

    The Democratic Party has decided to announce separately the opinions of the private kindergarten received through the round-table conference if there is any part to be reflected in the government's policy.

    The National Assembly Education Committee yesterday held a preliminary screening of the bill and discussed the Kindergarten Anti - Corruption 3 Act, but it failed to reach a conclusion as the free - korean party proposed to submit its own bill.

    The ruling Uri Party is scheduled to hold a so-called party again next Monday.

    MBC News is Park Sohee.